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Brannon Hampton Wins Goodyear City Council Election!

It is official! Brannon Hampton is the newly elected Councilmember for Goodyear, AZ. Thank you to everyone that put your trust in Brannon and voted to elect him as your new city council member.

Brannon Stated: “The campaign was a positive experience and I appreciate everyone that voted for me in the election. Your support and hard work in electing Brannon Hampton paid off and I thank you! I would like to thank Sara Gilligan for a positive race. Sara did an outstanding job and I look forward to working with her in the future. Sara is an asset to Goodyear and she will continue to be involved in the community. I look forward to working with the Goodyear City Council Team and moving Goodyear Forward.

The official results were:

Brannon Hampton 5,717

Sara Gilligan 4,465

Write-In 27

Under Votes 10

Over Votes 7

Total Ballots Cast: 10,226

Total Registered Voters: 42,379

Percentage: 24.13%

The Inauguration is scheduled for June 12th 2017 and everyone is invited to attend the ceremony at City Hall.

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